Web Design in Billings, Montana

Our Web Design Approach

A quality website is vital for a successful business. Why?

Your website makes your business accessible to customers 24/7. Users can easily find and access information such as your hours, location, phone number, products, or services on-demand at any time of day. A good website can also help you find new customers through online search traffic.

The quality of your website also reflects the quality of your business. Customers quickly make impressions about your business based on your website, so its important that it is well designed and optimized for a great user experience.

How does Yellowstone Digital Media design quality websites?

Our approach involves first familiarizing ourselves with our client's business to better understand their needs and make recommendations to craft the most effective online strategy. With a comprehensive digital strategy in place, we move on to prototyping the website. This involves creating a detailed mockup with the basic site design and content organization.

With approval on the prototype, we move on to development—building your prototype into a full fledged website. Building a great website is more than just pretty design; it requires strategic planning at every step. We research the best keywords to target for your business and develop your website with Search Engine Optimization in mind from the beginning.

When your website is complete, we do extensive testing to ensure there are no issues, and that your website works the way you and your customers expect it to. When you are completely satisfied with the state of the website, we deploy it live.

Post deployment, we continue to monitor your website for any opportunities to improve your business's online experience.

More Than Just a Website

Once your website is completed, our work isn't done. Yellowstone Digital Media maintains relationships with all of our clients, offering support for regular updates and maintenance on our websites. In addition, we offer consulting services, Digital Marketing for all of your social media marketing campaigns, and Brand Management services.

Web Design the Montana Way

Yellowstone Digital Media is a web design company that believes in providing high quality work to our clients in a transparent and honest way. We do more than just build websites—we build relationships with our clients and help design the best online experience based on their needs.

Every website is different, and we understand that. Instead of taking advantage of small businesses in Billings by overcharging them and providing services they don't need, we consult with each of our clients and develop a comprehensive strategy for building a website and managing the business's online presence.

Having a website built is a lot like taking your car to a mechanic for a repair. Just like you want a mechanic you can trust, you need a web design company you can trust. Yellowstone Digital Media's thorough project consulting, superb customer service, and transparent billing lets you rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands.

That's what we call doing business the Montana way.