No, Synder Will Not Sync Inventory Levels from QuickBooks Desktop to Shopify

If you’re here, hopefully it’s because you want a definitive answer to this question: Can Synder be used to sync inventory from QuickBooks Desktop to Shopify? The short answer is: no.

A common puzzle that many of our clients encounter involves syncing inventory levels between their e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, and accounting software, particularly QuickBooks Desktop. The big question we’ve been tackling: Can Synder, a popular software that bridges Shopify with accounting tools like QuickBooks or Xero, sync inventory levels from QuickBooks Desktop to Shopify?

I looked all over Synder’s support documentation to figure this out, and ultimately I had to do a live chat with Synder’s support team. The key takeaway is: Synder cannot sync inventory levels from QuickBooks Desktop to Shopify. This detail isn’t widely known since it’s not explicitly mentioned in their documentation, which is why I’m publishing this blog.

Here’s a snippet of the conversation I had with Clarissa at Synder:

Alex: Is it possible for Synder to sync inventory from QuickBooks Desktop to Shopify and vice versa?

Clarissa (Synder Support): Currently, Synder can only update inventory from Shopify TO QuickBooks Desktop (QBD). Unfortunately, the reverse – syncing from QBD to Shopify – isn’t supported.

So, Synder can manage inventory updates from Shopify to QuickBooks Desktop but not the other way around.

If you need to be able to do this, the only solution I know of at this time is Webgility, which works well but is very expensive. I was trying Synder to see if it would be a cheaper alternative (~$40/mo compared to ~$300/mo). But, unfortunately Synder will not work for this application.

For further understanding of Synder’s capabilities, Clarissa recommended these resources:


At Yellowstone Digital Media, we believe in finding the right tool for the right job. Whether it’s Synder for cost-effectiveness or Webgility for its comprehensive features, there’s a solution out there for your specific needs.

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