Tammi Fladager – Montana Children’s Book Author

Yellowstone Digital Media, the premier web design company in Billings, Montana, is thrilled to announce our collaboration with a unique and multifaceted talent, Tammi Fladager, the force behind HappyRanchWife.com. An author, an artist, and a storyteller at heart, Tammi’s journey is as colorful and vast as the Montana skies.

Tammi Fladager: The Journey of a Ranch Wife

In 1977, a one-room schoolhouse in Pioneer became the backdrop of Tammi’s early education. Imagine a place where the fourth and fifth grades learn side by side, with a classroom that at its most crowded, boasted a total of six students. It was here, amidst the rustic charm and close-knit community of Shepherd, Montana, that young Tammi’s life began to take shape.

Growing up with the backdrop of the ranch her father managed, Tammi’s childhood was filled with memories like the switch from tin lunch pails to hot lunches, thanks to a spirited PTA meeting led by her father. He believed in the power of a good meal to boost academic performance, a testament to the determination and pragmatism that Tammi inherited.

But life wasn’t destined to remain stationary for this budding author and artist. From her roots in Shepherd, Tammi’s path wound through Montana’s larger towns, where she wore many hats – from poker dealer to secretary, from bookkeeper to administrative assistant. While these roles might seem detached from her agricultural upbringing, each equipped her with invaluable skills and experiences that would later inform her writing and art.

Amidst these adventures, life had another surprise in store for Tammi – motherhood. Her journey with her son saw them settling in Bridger, and it was here that fate introduced her to the man who’d become her partner in every sense of the word. Their paths, although parallel for many years, had never crossed. Both had fathers in the Hereford business, and both had been a part of similar communities, yet they remained strangers until destiny intervened in Sheridan, Wyoming.

In 2017, the duo decided to trace their steps back to Montana, purchasing the very land in Northeastern Montana where Tammi’s partner had grown up. Their shared journey, replete with adventures and chuckles, became a testament to their resilient spirit.

HappyRanchWife.com: A Fusion of Passion and Talent

With four children’s books to her name, all written and beautifully illustrated by her, Tammi Fladager’s HappyRanchWife.com is a celebration of her life’s experiences. The website is not just an ode to her artistic and literary achievements, but also a homage to her rich heritage, the landscapes that molded her, and the myriad roles she has embraced.

Yellowstone Digital Media is honored to work with Tammi in bringing her vision to the digital realm. Our team is dedicated to creating a web presence for HappyRanchWife.com that mirrors the authenticity, warmth, and vibrancy that Tammi embodies.

In collaboration with Tammi, we aim to craft a website that tells her story, showcases her literary and artistic feats, and offers a glimpse into the life of a modern-day ranch wife with deep-rooted traditions. From the plains of Shepherd to the bustling towns of Montana and the serene landscapes of Northeastern Montana, Tammi’s journey is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the West.

As Yellowstone Digital Media continues to champion local talents and businesses, we are thrilled to add HappyRanchWife.com to our roster, uniting the digital world with the heartwarming tales and artistry of Tammi Fladager.