On The Rox Fabrication Partners with Yellowstone Digital Media

On The Rox Fabrication, a manufacturing company in Worden, Montana, has partnered with Yellowstone Digital Media. Yellowstone Digital Media will takeover management of their e-commerce store ontheroxfab.com.

On The Rox specializes in manufacturing and fabricating parts for the Mahindra Roxor, a new side-by-side offroad vehicle in the North American market. They were one of the first companies to manufacture parts specifically for the Roxor, and hold a significant marketshare.

On The Rox has produced a number of parts to help Mahindra Roxor owners make their Roxors “street legal”. (Street legal meaning that they can have license plates and drive on the roads like a regular vehicle.) Some of their top selling products are their Windshield FramesTurn Signal Harness Kits, and Windshield Wiper Assemblies.

Yellowstone Digital Media is proud to partner with a local manufacturing company, and support the manufacturing industry in Yellowstone County, Montana. YDM is working on resolving a number of existing issues with the ecommerce website to allow On The Rox to grow their online sales. “By managing their website, it allows the On The Rox guys to focus on what they do best: designing, building, and selling parts and accessories for the new Mahindra Roxor,” said Alex Winchell, owner and general manager of Yellowstone Digital Media.

You can find On The Rox on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. Follow their social media accounts for regular updates, product features, and news about their business.

On The Rox Fabrication is located at 2118 N 9th Rd, Worden, MT 59088. Their website is ontheroxfab.com. They can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone at (406) 967-2189.